Pastor Ron Burks


My name is Ron Burks.  I was born October 29, 1964 in Kansas City, Missouri of Ewin and Lillian Burks.  I am the eighth of eight children.  I have six sisters and one brother.  Although I was born in Kansas City I grew up and attended school K-12 in Flippin Arkansas, (my dad’s home town), where I graduated from High school May 1983.

January 29, 1984 I repented of my sins and received Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.  February 14, 1984 I married Shelly Mandella who is the daughter of Ron and Debbie Mandella.  I am eternally grateful to Ron Mandella for leading me to Christ as well as giving me his daughter’s hand in marriage.  Shelly, my wife, has followed me to the ends of the earth, ever faithful.  We have 14 children, nine sons and five daughters that God has blessed us with.  We have seen God’s provision and protection as we have attempted to bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.  For sure we have seen that above all God’s grace and faithfulness has been sufficient for every trial.

March 29, 1985 I was inducted into the United States Air Force.  I spent three years in Tokyo Japan and three years at Fort Leanord Wood, Missouri and was honorably discharged in July of 1991.  While in the Air Force God called me to the ministry.  I am fortunate to have had many godly pastors encouraging me to “follow Christ”.  Pastor Backus, Pastor Jackson, Pastor Talkington, Pastor Wagoner, Pastor Stewart and Pastor Nickel have all invested in me for which I am so thankful.

June of 1994 God called me to pastor at New Hope Baptist Church in Halltown Missouri.  I served there for about 2 years and God called me to Bethesda Christian Fellowship in October of 1996 where I have pastored since.